Universal Soundz is a show hosted by Mike Saint-Jules. Every week, Mike provides a one hour mix, filling the show with some of the newest tunes as well as playing "Flashback Tunes", tracks that were released years ago. The podcast episodes are picked based on Mike's favorite episode of the month and broad casted for downloadable use on iTunes. This show is broadcasted weekly on Party107, Sense.FM, SSRadioUK, Pure.FM, Lumix FM, Diesel FM and more.


Party107 - Every Tuesday 1pm (EST)

Pure FM - Every Wednesday 10pm (GMT)

Sense FM - Every Thursday 4pm (EST)

109 FM - Every Saturday 8pm (Ukraine) (EET), 5PM (EST)

Diesel FM - Every Saturday 3pm (EST)

Fly Beat Radio - Every Friday 8pm (Moscow) (MSK), 12pm (EST)

JRFM Radio Network - Every Sunday (EST) 4pm

Lumix FM - Every Friday (Ukraine) (EET) 19:00-21:00

Party103 - Evrery Saturday 3pm (EST)


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